Saturday, August 31, 2013

August 2013

I got some back-to-school supplies from Staples - 6 spiral notebooks and 2 packs of loose-leaf paper all for about $4.50.  I'm not sure what J is going to need for her senior year of school so I usually just wait till we get a list.  W doesn't need much at all.  We use a whiteboard and markers, 1 notebook, and a bunch of pencils.  He doesn't really use glue or crayons anymore.  Sometimes he'll use colored pencils for art or nature study sketching, but we have tons of those along with about 4 blank sketch books.  It's weird, but I'm almost sad that I don't need to do a big shopping, lol.  I miss that.

The rest of W's 7th grade books came:  Lightning Lit 7, Saxon Algebra 1/2, and Runkle's Geography.  He's really excited to start the new math book.  I told him I would like to finish as much of the previous one as we can.  We're almost done - maybe we have another month of it.  I'm in no hurry - he "gets" math easily with full understanding.  I know it has to do with how great Saxon is for him - the way a lesson is explained, the mental math, the practice and review problems, all of it just works beautifully together.  His last Saxon test was almost perfect (as were all of them), so I have no worries.  W also mentioned he'd like to learn Italian and piano.  I've already pulled up a ton of Italian programs for him to choose from.  Not sure what he wants yet.  Piano lessons are abundant around here.  I just have to figure out the nearest and most cost effective place for him to go.  CCD will also continue for 7th grade (Confirmation prep).  All of this is in addition to basketball and scouts.  He's looking forward to having more activities this year.  Since I'm not working anymore, the world has opened up for him.

W's 7th grade books

W's IHIP this year has all the changes that come with going from 6th to 7th grades.  Arithmetic changes to Mathematics and "practical arts" is added.  Everything else is pretty much the same, even if worded a bit differently.  I still use the same format as that in my sidebar.  Hey, if it takes 5 minutes and it works, why change anything.  I will be keeping a better record of his academics for myself as well.  I want to get in the habit of good record-keeping and creating a transcript.  He doesn't need a transcript until high school, but I want to start practicing so I'm ready.  Oh, and for all you NYC'ers don't forget to mail in your Metrocard form.

We got J's proofs for her senior pictures and she looks absolutely gorgeous.  Some shots have her in a cap and gown holding a "diploma".  Seeing her ready to graduate high school is such an emotional time for me.  I still see her as the sad little 8-year-old who was more than ready to homeschool in 3rd grade.  Now she's 17 and will soon be making her mark in the dance world.  She spent a lot of the summer taking dance workshops and master classes.  Some were a week long, some a few days, and some just one day.  She's getting so much training from different choreographers and she's making a lot of connections.  And senior year at LaGuardia High School is going to be amazing.  She has a whole semester on career management and another semester called Repertory where the seniors work with "eminent guest artists". She'll be in several performances throughout the year, as well.

K is doing wonderfully at her job and is ready for a new internship in Manhattan.  She had a great summer - lots of beach, parties, clubs, travel, and she attended a huge event called Electric Zoo (E-Zoo).  It's an Electric Music Festival held annually on Randall's Island.  She's sad that summer is over, but she's ready for autumn.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wednesday, August 07, 2013


NAME OF CHILD:  ________________
DOB:  __  GRADE LEVEL:  7     SCHOOL YEAR: 2013-2014  NYC STUDENT ID#:  ___
ADDRESS:   ___________________________          DATE MAILED:   August  14, ____                                                            
QUARTERLY REPORTS WILL BE MAILED ON: 11/15/__, 1/30/__, 4/15/__, 6/30/__

(Child's name) will be using various methods/tools for 7th-grade instruction in all the subjects specified in Sect. 100.10 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education. The corresponding subtopics may include and shall not be limited to:

Mathematics * Maintaining skills in fundamental operations* Factoring and products* Sets and simple sentences* Numeration systems* Using fractions and decimals* Ratio, proportion, and percent* Equalities and inequalities* Simple formulas and equations* Graphing an equation* Powers and roots of rational numbers* Polynomials* Metric and nonmetric geometry* Pythagorean Theorem* Scale drawing* Right-triangle trigonometry* Customary and metric measurement* Permutations* Probability statistics* Statistical terms* Mathematics of insurance, banking, and taxes

English  * Improving reading skills* Literary terms* Novels, short stories, plays* Myths, legends, ballads* Types of poetry* Biography and autobiography* Planning and producing dramatizations* Speech activities* Listening skills* Refining dictionary skills* Spelling* Parts of speech* Person, number, gender of nouns and pronouns* Punctuation of conversation* Clauses and phrases* Compound sentences* Writing descriptions, reports, journals, and letters* Note taking and outlining* Extending reference skills: atlases, directories, encyclopedias, periodicals, on-line information services, CD-ROMs, and other electronic reference material* Library organization

History and Geography  * Lands and peoples of the Eastern Hemisphere* Prehistoric peoples* Greek, Roman, and Middle Eastern civilizations* The Middle Ages* Renaissance and Reformation* Scientific Revolution* Age of Reason (Enlightenment)* Industrial Age * Yesterday and today around the world: Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Pacific* World trade and resources* Contemporary problems and issues* Environment* World geography* Advanced map and globe skills

Science  * Atoms &*Molecules *Metric System *Air *Atmosphere *Water *Hydrosphere * Earth & Lithosphere *Weather & Prediction *Physics of Motion *Newton’s Laws *Gravity *Electromagnetic Force *Magnetism *Elements *Radioactivity *Waves & Sound *Light * Intro to Astrophysics

Health  * Good grooming and posture* Dental health* Healthy habits and lifestyles* Exercise and fitness* Effects of stimulants and narcotics* Functions of the body* Circulation and respiration* Germ theory* Sexually transmitted diseases* Family life* Toxins and antitoxins* Antibiotics* Immunization* Chemotherapy* Genetic disorders* Personal and public safety* Accident prevention* Personality development* Substance abuse

Visual Arts/ Phys. Ed/ Practical Arts/ Music/ Etc.  * Computer Programming courses (Java, Python, C++) * (Artistic Pursuits) Elements of Art & Creativity (Ellis) * Consumer Math (banking, budgeting, investing), * Library Skills *  Basketball * Parkour (navigation acrobatics) * Scouting * Vegetable gardening * Film-making * Typing * Public Speaking * Piano Lessons

Instruction methods/tools/resources may include and shall not be limited to:  reference materials (atlas, dictionaries, globe, maps, encyclopedias, non-fiction books, videos, the internet), workbooks, worksheets, hands-on activities, experiments, science lab, projects, newspapers, magazines, frequent field trips, group activities, classic & contemporary literature, research, journal/narrative/essay/poetry writing, games, creative and critical thinking, predicting & forecasting, gathering facts, music CDs, CD ROMs, abundant art supplies, various outside classes (e.g.  technology, science, history, art, & sports), free play, conversations, and real life.

Primary instruction to ____ will be provided by _____ and ______, his parents.  Supplemental instruction will be provided by others, as necessary.