Tuesday, August 30, 2005


SCHOOL YEAR: _____________

HOMESCHOOLING STUDENT: ____________________
STUDENT I.D. # : (optional)
THIS QUARTER COVERS: November 16, 20__ to January 30, 20__
DATE SUBMITTED: _____________

_______ is progressing at a satisfactory level or above in all subject matter.

We have had instruction in all the following areas, as per Section 100.10 of the Regulations of the New York State Commissioner of Education and ________’s Individualized Home Instruction Plan (IHIP): Reading, Writing, Spelling, Language Arts, Arithmetic, U.S. History, Geography, Science, Health, Physical Education, Music, and Visual Arts.

We have covered at least 80% of the planned material for this quarter.

________ had no absences from instruction this quarter, and has exceeded the required hours of instruction (225).

Parent’s Signature

** If you are in a particularly difficult district, they may ask for more info. You can also list your individual subjects and give a letter grade for each (ABCD or EGSN) and/or a very brief description as to what was covered over the quarter.  This sample quarterly was inspired by D. Bennink.

(More about NY paperwork)


Anonymous said...


Is this all that is required in a quarterly report? What about the attendance sheet and the sheet for grades and material covered?

I would like to know, are we expected to tell exactly what we have covered, or can we just simplify and say that we have covered x amount in each subject.


NYCitymomx3 said...

I have been sending this exact letter for almost 3 years with no problem whatsoever. It states everything that is asked for in the regulations. I never use the forms they send. We aren't required to. I say it's always better to send as little as possible. If your district requires more, they'll request it. The short, but very detailed IHIP I send is probably what allows for such a brief quarterly. If there comes a time a new director asks for more from me, I would send them the "learning log" that I keep for each child. I keep this for my own records, but it can come in handy if ever needed.

Anonymous said...

That makes sense. Thanks!

Cheryl in Schenectady said...

Wow. On Quarterlies, I've always listed details of the topics that we've covered, but I'm going to see if we can get away with this next year. Our school district hasn't responded at all to homeschooler's paperwork for the last three years, so I'm going to try this and count on them remaining silent!

Michele Weeks said...

Where you said, "We have covered at least 80% of the planned material for this quarter." Does this imply that you are 80% through the curriculum for the year or that you only completed 80% of what you planned to do in the quarter?

I always get confused by this.

The IHIP my school district sent to me is so small that I would never be able to list all of my subjects into the area they provided.

I think I will follow your IHIP format instead.


NYCitymomx3 said...

The reason I mention the 80% thing is that in the regs (part g, #4) it states that the quarterly report should contain the following: "a written explanation in the event that less than 80 percent of the amount of the course materials as set forth in the IHIP planned for that quarter has been covered in any subject."

I prefer to let them know that we did, in fact, cover around 1/4 of what I listed in the IHIP. Since my quarterly is so minimal, an extra clarifying sentence or 2 can't hurt. :)

Ree said...

Thanks so much for this very helpful info! We have successfully used this twice now in a not-so-homeschool-friendly district. Also have sent friends to your blog. Happy homeschooling! :)

Anonymous said...

It is November 16 2010. I am getting the 1st Quarterly report ready. Your information was so helpful to me, last year, I had no problems. We are planning to move to Kentucky God permits by 2011-12? Homeschool friendly, and regulations aren't like NYS. If it was up to the liberals, they will ban Home schooling. God bless everyone!

Anonymous said...

Nov 18, 2010

For the last four years I have sweated quarterly reports. They tended to be just as long and detailed as my IHIPs. This year I have all three of my boys in grades 1,3, and 5. I can't do that detailed a quarterly report for all three anymore.

This year I'm using your form. I just sent them in and, hopefully, they are enough. If they are accepted without question, I will breathe a big sigh of relief because all three reports only took about ten minutes to edit and send off.



Anonymous said...

I actually had the opportunity to speak with the Principal of the school about doing the report. She had told me what she would like to see in the report. Ex. words learned in Spanish, etc. So I have given the detailed list. I took the IHIP and from it just copied and pasted what was covered so far. The most work I had to do is the Spanish since the syllabus was in Spanish to begin with. It would have been very nice if she would have just accepted this letter though. lol

Anonymous said...

will this work for buffalo ny

NYCitymomx3 said...

This should work anywhere. If you are in a particularly difficult district, then you may have to add more information if asked.

Unknown said...

Do the Board of Education in NYC still take the quarter reports like this ?? And if they do can you just email me letting me know that they do at LarissaHernandez7850@gmail.com & Do you also happen to have an example of the annual report report??

Larissa Hernandez said...

Do you happen to know if the Board of Education still takes the quarter reports like this?? And if they still happen to accept it like this .. can you please email me and let me know? . I also was wondering if you had an example of the annual reports?? I would appreciate it. if you can help me out with this thank you so much 😁

Angela C said...

Yes the DOE still takes these quarterly reports. In fact, I still send them myself. A sample of the annual assessment narrative I send is in the sidebar.

Anonymous said...

Would the wording need to be changed on the 4th quarter report? "Is progressing" just doesn't sound right to me since it is the end of the year.