Sunday, February 12, 2017

16 Months to Go

I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while.  Life is just going and going and all is well.  Most things that were happening last summer are still happening.

W is still taking drum lessons (and has an awesome electronic drum kit now), he's still playing the ukulele, and just got his sister's old guitar restrung and is teaching himself how to play that, too.  He's still going to Muay Thai several times a week and just trained with a pro from Thailand who is visiting the gym this month.

After experimenting with various career ideas, I think he's finally settled on sticking with something in the computer field.   I mean, it's something at which he's always been a natural and I truly believe a great career comes with doing what you love.  It's been true for my girls.  So, for the next year-and-a-half, W's plan is to cover the remainder of what is required according to the regs.  We have everything he needs for all the major subjects and he gets it all done on his own terms.  Since W turns 17 in March of 2018, that will be his final year of reporting to the city and also his final year of homeschooling.  That spring he will take his final CAT-E, that summer he will take the TASC, and that fall he will get ready to start his post-secondary education, which should hopefully be sometime in 2019.  He has a few ideas on where he wants to go but wants to research a little more before he makes a decision.  Having some sort of game plan really helps with organization.  He seems to have it all together and I can't be more proud and excited for him.

I am trying out the afternoon/evening shift at my job so I can get more done in the mornings.  With the early shift, I'm so dead tired in the evenings and just feel like hitting the pillow when I get home at 7:15pm.  This trial has been great because I wake up around 8:30 and start the day.  I'm so wide awake and have the time to have 2 cups of coffee, eat breakfast, clean, exercise, and sing at the funerals at my church a few times a month.  My favorite thing, though, is having more time to get schoolwork done with W.  He gets most stuff done on his own now, but still prefers some help and guidance from me.  :)  .   I feel way more productive at work later in the day, too.  I leave just before noon and get home by 10.  I love it.  I hope I get the ok to keep this new schedule permanently.

My girls are still doing what they do.  K is back in Queens working in a posh, appointment-only salon.  She and the owner run the place together and do weddings and other parties on the weekends. K also just bought her first car - a beautiful, 2015, white, fully-loaded Jeep Cherokee.  It's awesome.  J has been teaching dance at a couple of studios and going on auditions here and there.  They are both happy and love what they do.