Monday, July 11, 2016

Freshman Year is Done!

Ok, so the first year homeschooling high school wasn't bad at all.  W sailed through all the major subjects and a ton of minor ones.  He scored in the 94th percentile on this years standardized test.  The funny thing is that his best scores were in the reading and language arts sections.  4 years ago his reading was categorized as "severely impaired".  Now he's like a whole different person.  I swear it was the one-on-one intense (but fun), daily, multi-sensory, reading-focused education we did for a couple of years that did it.  Schools just can't do that.  He is reading, writing essays for admin and volunteer positions, and types faster than I do.  Paragraph editing workbooks are the best for him - so much gets learned in one 10-minute exercise, and the proof was on the test.

We scaled way back on the outings - probably because we did so many for so many years.  He's not a museum person.  He's more of a yard sale, flea market, reptile expo, comic-con, movies, restaurant, theater person.  So those have been the bulk of the outings this year.  He's still going to Muay Thai class 2-3x a week and assists at the kids classes 1-2x a week

The sophomore year plan is pretty basic:  Biology, World History (continued), Geometry, and English (literature, vocabulary, & composition).  Other subjects will be interest-based like:  PE, Art, Music, Technology, Health, and a few electives.  W also wants to get in some SAT and TASC prep.  We'll be starting this month.

Don't forget to get your IHIP and Metrocard form in before the end of August.  Heave a great summer everyone!