Thursday, February 08, 2007

The kids kept pretty busy today. The girls both read a short story for a book club we're going to tomorrow, K, W, and I started a big, round, physical map jigsaw puzzle of the world, K did 2 math pages in a new 8th grade workbook and we went over new stuff together, she also started a new online diary blog, W is practicing writing sight words (today he wrote "the" 10x in a new notebook), and J has been getting creative with photos and web layouts. I went to Staples today and spent $100 on a ton of cool stuff. I love that store.

The kids decided that having some more structure - implemented by me - is what they want right now. I know we have so much stuff that finding something to "do" can be overwhelming and confusing. So, many times the kids will just want me to pick for them. I have better ideas, they say. Ok. It does seem to work better for us right now if I initiate more activities. Maybe it makes them feel more "accomplished". Maybe they need to have something to cross off a mental to-do list. Maybe they just love showing me how smart they are. They've become so motivated lately. Homeschooling is really amazing.

The baby hamsters are 5 weeks old and ready for new homes. The kids named all of them:

Pepe and Pedro (long-haired, black males)
Noodle, Strudel, and Caboodle (the long-haired, tan triplets. 1 female, 2 male)
Raven (short-haired, black female)
Nutty (short-haired, tan and white male w/huge nuts)
Goliath (the biggest one, short haired, tan male)
Stumpy (has 3 legs, short haired, black male)
um...and 2 more black ones I can't remember, lol. So K is keeping Noodle and J is keeping Stumpy. And W has mama. We're a little sad to see the others go, but it's time. I hope they all get owners who will love them.

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