Monday, August 25, 2008


W gave archery a shot today and really enjoyed it. There were a bunch of boys his age there and he made some new friends (and loved seeing his old friends). The kids each got their own targets and were fitted with arm bands, clipped on a big cylinder of arrows, and learned how to use the huge bow. W started out shaky, but within 30 minutes he was shooting straight, very near the bullseye. The instructor pinned a balloon to each target and W hit it every time. It was so cool to see the quick progression from not being able to hit even the wall around the target to popping the balloon in the middle on the first attempt. So we signed up for the fall season!

He decided that for now he'd like to put football on hold for a while. He's been getting knocked around pretty hard and cannot stand the intense drills. It probably would have been fine once a week, but once they started this 4-days-a-week schedule (Saturdays and Sundays at 8am!), he just lost his drive for it. I don't blame him. I mean, he loves the actual games, but since those are only once a week, it doesn't make the rest worth it to him. Maybe another time. I'm relieved. Although I never said anything to W, I was very nervous watching all these 6-8 y/os getting the wind knocked out of them 25 times in 2 hours.

Cub Scouts and CCD starts up again next month, too. J is all set to start her new solo choreography, group technique, and 12 weeks of vocal training within the next few weeks. K is looking forward to her sophomore year of high school. She needs a few more supplies, a haircut, an eye exam, uniform clothes, and lots of other clothes before school begins next week. Ugh, nothing like waiting til the last minute.


Marlene said...

Awesome!! I see I missed you again! I'll definitely be at the next class.
I was very doubtful about archery at the beginning, I really didn't think that this sport would hold the kids attention or mine for that matter! But it has turned out to be the biggest hit for them. I'm glad W enjoyed the class and you'll be stickin' around. I'll definitely catch you next class!

NYCitymomx3 said...

Hey Marlene,

Cool! I'm glad he wants to go back again. I had fun chatting away with all the moms there. We'll be at the next class, so see you then!

Gifts from Adonai said...

Hi Angela ,
I just realized that we met and I am not sure if you realized but I didnt.We have been talking back and forth for a little bit over then months by email and here we are at the same archery class and I didn't even stop to think it was you who referred me to the group to begin with.I am Jessica the one from PA,with the 4 kids.That is so funny.Well I do have to say it was wonderful meeting you and I will catch you at the next archery class.I am glad W enjoyed himself.My 3 oldest are loving it also.Isn't is a blast to see them have fun trying new things.Thanks a ton for the referral to the group.Talk to you soon.

NYCitymomx3 said...

Jessica, OMG! I didn't realize that was you, either. That is so funny! Well it's great we'll be seeing each other again there. You live close to me - we should plan something. :)

Gifts from Adonai said...

HI Angela
Most definetely we can get together.I did want to ask you where did your son go to do the football league.My sons saw the pics on the blog and ask me where that was at and if they would be able to do that down here.They were suppose to start football in PA next season but we decided not to mention it to them because of all the back and forth we were doing down here,and we did not want to crush them if we were to have to move down here,so I am glad we decided to do it like that cause here we are.So if you could email me with how to find out about where we could do football down here I would so appreciate it.I will see you at the next Archery class.

Anonymous said...

HI! We're homeschoolers in the city, too. I've looked into archery classes, also, and I've only found a place in Queens (and I didn't find the man on the phone to be super helpful or interested). Where did you go (maybe it it that place in Queens ... if so, then, you like it?)?

thanks so much,

NYCitymomx3 said...

We loved the guy running this place. He was wonderful with the kids. Send me an email and I'll give you more info.