Monday, September 15, 2008

Hershey Park '08

We drove out to Hershey Park Yesterday. We've been holding onto tickets most of the summer and finally got the opportunity to go. It was fun as always, but very hot. I think it was like 92 degrees - which was surprising after it was in the 70s all last week. The kids and I still went on all the big coasters. I think we just scoured the park map for anything labelled "aggressive thrill ride". J is finally tall enough for everything, and W has made it to Hershey Bar status, giving him access to a bunch of the bigger coasters. I did the Comet and Sidewinder with all 3 kids, the Stormrunner and Great Bear with K and J, and the Fahrenheit with just K. Then I'd pretty much had it, lol. The kids also hit the Tidal Force flume ride for a last soaking before we left. B was happy enough just watching. He's a water park guy and Hershey closed that section right after Labor Day. We also did the Zoo America, but I found that a baby squirrel peeping out of a tree hole on the way up to the zoo was more interesting. We ate kettle corn, won a few prizes, and stayed over 6 hours.


mrs. dani said...

I use to live up that way when I was younger. Now when my parents took me, you would go on a tour of the actually factory and see them making the chocolate bars and get a free one at the end of the tour. When I was there last in the 80's they were building a "ride" to simulate the factory.

That sounds great about the zoo. When I was little all they had was a small petting zoo. I still remember that blasted goat stealing my ice cream.

Did you get your free Hershey Kiss when you left the park?

NYCitymomx3 said...

LOL! Actually we did do the Chocolate World "ride" when we first got there. At the end I made sure we got the obligatory piece of chocolate at the end. They gave out "Bliss" which is true to its name. Mmmmmm. Not only did we get 2 pieces each, but W didn't want his and I called dibs - WOOHOO!