Monday, October 12, 2009

Bieber at the Plaza

I took J and W to Rockefeller Plaza this morning to see Justin Bieber sing a few songs on The Today Show. We got up at around 4:30am and was on the subway by 5:30am. The F-train left us right down the block from the line. This line was ridiculously long and full of preteens/teens with huge posters, loud voices, and half-asleep/coffee guzzling parents. We forgot to print out "fan passes" and were slotted towards the back of the crowd by the stage. Oh wait, that's right, there WAS NO STAGE. This little 5' tall 15-y/o singer was performing on ground level. If you weren't in the first or second layer of kids, you weren't able to see anything.

We were in about the 40th layer.

We still had fun, though. The crowd was pumped, the kids and parents were fairly tolerable, and J loved every second of it. Just being 20 feet away from her super-crush was enough for her, lol. We were on camera a few times - I DVR'd the show and caught us jumping and waving in the crowd (I'm glad I wore a red sweatshirt). Poor W. He's not a big fan of the Biebster, and only came along for the ride. This is hard for an 8y/o boy. You will be standing for at least 4 hours and you cannot move from your spot - this means no bathroom runs, no grabbing a quick bagel, and yes, your legs will feel like jelly after the 2nd hour.

We stopped in the Nintendo store at about 9:15ish when Bieber had officially "left the building". I figured it was the least I could do for W. He wandered around playing some DS and some Wii while J and I just....sat. It was grand.

We hopped onto the F-train right down the block and got home in about 15 minutes. I swung by the house to pick up K (who opted out of this morning's adventure) and I took all 3 kids out for breakfast. All of us conked out for the rest of the afternoon. I gotta hand it to those moms and kids who do this all the time.

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