Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Things

This week was nice and relaxing. We decided to forego all scheduled outings and just hang out enjoying the beautiful weather. We brought the kids' Christmas bikes home from my mom's and W was riding his all over the park yesterday. We bought a cool bike rack for the car at Walmart, too, and we'll be going to the park often (they'll ride, I'll walk). Since there are no Walmarts in NYC (thanks, Sam), I visit one maybe once a year. I find it a real treat because they have everything.

I bought something called "Times Tales" for W. I heard good things about it and figured, why not. It's weird and he didn't get it and wondered what the point was - until the end of Part 1 when he realized that not only did he memorize every story in proper order, but knew the entire first half if the 6, 7, 8, & 9 times tables - in 2 days! We're doing Part 2 this week, which covers the second half of those times tables. Then we'll resume TT5.

W had CCD this morning and will spend his afternoon at the park. K got her hair cut and highlighted. J is going to her friend A's house to ride bikes. And I'm going to use my "alone time" to clean this house, then I have work in the evening.

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