Friday, April 02, 2010


We've moved on to Part 2 of Times Tales and again after about 30 minutes W had the rest of the 6,7,8 & 9 times tables learned.  He shocked himself, actually.  His favorite thing is when it's turned around and a division problem is made out of it.  The book has flash cards that you punch out - and W is a flash-card person.  He's still reading "If You Lived in Colonial Times" aloud to me almost every day.  I like the way the book is laid out - one chapter per page or 2.  We're using The Complete Book of English Language Arts a couple of times a week.  Yesterday we went over personification, hyperbole, similes, and metaphors.    I also purchased a book called "Learn at Home Grade 4", which is full of great ideas for what to do each week.  W likes it, and I like this kind of outline.

J's friends (and just about all NYC 8th-graders) finally got their school results.  Some of J's friends are going to Frank Sinatra School of the Arts, 2 got into Talent Unlimited, some weren't matched at all or only matched to their zoned school, and some who didn't like their option will go to the Catholic schools they reserved spots in.  J was glad she wasn't one of the ones waiting for a letter.  She's just so excited to be going to LaGuardia High School.  Watching the demo dance classes at the open house and checking out a few youtube dance videos has almost overwhelmed her with the level of talent there.   Freshman Orientation is this month, but September can't come soon enough for her. 

This has been a nice week off for all the schoolkids.  J has been out every day with her friends having a blast.  W's been to the park most days (the non-rainy ones, lol) and I'm planning on getting him together with his homeschooled friends more often.  Now that the weather is nicer, I want to get us all outside more during the daytime.  I can't believe it's April already.


mom of 3 said...

does that mean we will see you more? lol

NYCitymomx3 said...

LOL, I hope so!

mom of 3 said...

so let's make plans..... what days r u free?