Friday, January 07, 2011


We haven't finished AO Yr 2.  Oh well.  We'll get to it.  We tend to do more readings than each AO week requires, so we'll eventually catch up.  I'm not worried about it.  W is on track with math, spelling, & reading.  That's right...reading.  He has been reading to me a lot and his fluency, intonations, and comprehension are spot on.  The book we're using as his "read-to-me" is an old one I've had lying around since K was little, called, Treasury of Virtues.  It's below his reading level, which I did on purpose, to boost his confidence.  And it worked.  It creates a fierce belief in himself that he really can do it.  I can see that he tries so hard - and it has really paid off.  So proud of him.  Here's some more of what we did this week:

Spelling Skills 4:  Synonyms; Using commas
Copywork:  Poetry
TT5:  Subtraction (Regrouping twice with 2 zeros)
Readings:  Five Children & It,  An Island Story (we're up to the mid-1300s AD),  Pagoo,  Seabird, & Child's History of the World (all about Gothic cathedrals and churches)

His narrations are great.  He's been doing them for 2 years now and has it down pretty good.  Starting next week, he'll be writing one of them down in paragraph form.  I wanted to wait until we started Year 3, but who knows when that will be.  He's ready for writing and I'm excited to see how he does.

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W's wallet looks good. I tried to make one once and it was not easy.