Saturday, April 09, 2011

4/2 to 4/8

We spent last weekend at my moms's in Long Island.  My hours at work changed so I actually have the weekends off now.

Monday we spent time on some academics - a few readings, narrations,and some math.  He's doing great and seems to be right on track (and above) for just about everything.  We're getting the academics done, but we're spending more time outdoors since the weather has been nicer. 

Tuesday was W's last film class on the Lower East Side.  He had fun with it and learned a lot.  The finished product was cool - a short film with cool effects, lots of explosions, and cute acting.  We start something new on Tuesdays next week - Wayfinders!

Wednesday W started a new series of science classes here in Queens.  It's one-and-a-half hours of classroom time and trail walking each week.  He loves this place and lots of his friends are there, too. 

Thursday we relaxed at  home.  W spent the day modding a few of his Nerf guns, organizing Pokemon cards, and playing his new DS games he got from Grandma on the weekend.

Friday was music class.  This week was voice.  I love when my kids sing and I was right outside the door listening.  I stayed out of sight, lol.  I gotta give a hand to the awesome teacher they had - teaching 3 10-year-old boys to sing can't be easy.  So far they have done violin, piano, guitar, drums, and voice.  I think the idea of getting an introduction to each instrument is so wonderful.  W would never have gotten this anywhere else.  I'm hoping he likes at least one enough to continue.  He's leaning toward bass guitar, but we'll see.

K and J are both doing incredibly well in school.  They both stepped it up a higher notch this spring.  K is so excited to start college in about 4 months.  She took a math placement exam, chose a foreign language, and went to find the dean of the business department to discuss her major and her classes.  In the meantime, she looking forward to prom, graduation, and summer.  J's grades have been in the 90s and 100s and I couldn't be more proud.  She's adjusted to high school beautifully and (knock on wood) there have been absolutely no issues whatsoever.  She has made tons of friends and has been keeping busy.  In addition to the 15 hours a week of ballet & modern at school, she is at her studio taking tap, hip-hop, contemporary, and pointe.  She still teaches her new ballerina babies on Saturday mornings.  There are 3 more regional dance competitions coming up, then the big dance recital, and then Nationals.  I'm really looking forward to a fabulous spring and summer.

Sorry for the lack of pictures lately.  I keep forgetting to bring my camera out with me.


Anonymous said...

I keep coming back for guidance - I was looking to see if you had written anything about evaluations/assesments in your reports. Can't believe I'm writing my 3rd quarterly report already!
How is that Wayfinders-class?
/M in the Bronx.

NYCitymomx3 said...

Hi M,

The only thing I write when my kids take a standardized test is that they took so-and-so test on so-and-so date and scored above the 33rd percentile. I put it on the annual assessment - which, for me, is just a slightly more detailed quarterly report. They may ask to see the scores. I had no problem mailing them a copy over the summer.

I'm not sure how Wayfinders is yet - it got rained out this week, lol.

How was your homeschooling year so far?