Sunday, May 22, 2011

5/14 to 5/20

It was a rainy week here in NYC.  We didn't go to Chess or Wayfinders.  We did catch up on some academics, though. 

W's new idea is to read 6-8 pages a day of his book (Cricket) instead of just 2.  He said he would still read 2 pgs at a time, but do this several times a day.  Sounds good to me!  Let's see if he does it.

He has gotten over the hump of long division.  I don't know what it is about it that makes kids crazy, but we faced a wall with it as well.  I believe the answer boils down to practice and patience.  One of the reasons I love Teaching Textbooks is that it's a spiral math program that keeps returning to previously learned concepts - unlike a mastery-type program where I think W would forget what he learned the year(s) before.  Getting to do a few long division problems in the middle of each new lesson was what really helped.

I feel W is just about ready to start on written narrations.  I think it goes hand-in-hand with AO Year 3, since by that time, so much great literature has been read and narrated.  I'm curious to see if what he writes down  will be as nicely flowing as when he narrates out loud.  I'd like to try doing one a week for the next month, then 2 a week starting in September. This is probably the third time I'm saying I'll get to this, but we're really going to give it a shot this week.

The Weekly Academics:

An Island Story (Richard the Duke of York, King Henry VI, War of the Roses), Robin Hood (Finished chapter 3), Joan of Arc (finished!), Seabird (Chapter 18), Excellent narrations of all readings, Spelling Skills 4 (Long O words, definitions, synonyms, capitalization), TT5 (2 digit x 2 digit multiplication, estimation, review of circles, quadrilaterals, & long division, and Math Quiz: he got 100%!), A Year of Poems (poetry & copywork), A Cricket in Times Square (2 pages/day), ScienceSaurus (the meaning of observation).

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