Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We're Back!

Nationals this year was GREAT!  J got an "Elite" placement award (the highest they give) for her solo and came in 3rd overall.  Two of J's large group numbers were chosen for the final challenge on the last day.  After each day's competition was 4 hours of master classes in Tap, Hip-hop, Jazz, Contemporary, & Musical Theater.  The kids had such a wonderful 5 days together.  Now we're all back to our daily routines. 

J is going to start reading her 2 books for school.  I'm getting everything ready for W's 5th grade year.  We are going right into AO Year 3 in September.  We pretty much finished everything we needed to for 4th grade and he's ready for a new year to start.  The plan is to pull back a bit on the reading and math, focusing a lot more on history, science, art, music, geography, and field trips.  This was W's idea and I think it'll work out really well.

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