Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's Almost Autumn!

Camp and dance and work.  Same stuff.  Sorry we're not being that interesting lately, lol.

J's physical therapy is now at the end of its 3rd week and J's knee is feeling pretty good.  She has no more pain during dance, but she's still afraid to do any grande plies.  She's been good about doing her exercises at home, too.

She's going to try and get those summer reading books done before summer is actually over.

I'm going to try and get to Target and Staples and see if there's any back-to-school sale stuff left.  I never made it there in July when I should have went.

I've added more field trips to our fall schedule.  I'm so excited to get to places we haven't visited yet.  Expect lots of photos in the fall.

J turned 15 last week.  She had a big co-ed sleepover at my mom's house.  15 kids.  I'm still exhausted, lol.

K starts college classes in 10 days.  Damn.  She was just 3 years old in her princess dress asking me what preschool would be like.

W has 10 more days of camp.  Then we can really start getting ready for the new year.  We're changing things up a little this year.  He's going to love what's in store.

IHIP is going out this week.  I'm using my regular old worldbook format.  Keepin' it simple.

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