Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Singin' & Dancin'

The weekend was busy.  On Friday night W's show choir performed in a fundraiser gala.  It was really nice.  A live jazz band played, W's choir (a total of 9 kids) sang jazzy standards like "Take the A Train", there was great food, wine, and desserts, and they raffled off some nice gifts.  He was so nervous to perform, but once he's on stage, he's certainly a natural.  Singing seems to be his new thing.  I hope he sticks with it!

Saturday was J's last regional dance competition for this season.  Out of 24 teen solos, J received one of only 2 ELITE (equivalent to platinum) awards given and the 2nd highest score overall.  We definitely had some tough judges this weekend.  Sunday was group day.  J did:

  • 4 production numbers (all 30 members of the company are in these) - tap, character, lyrical, & musical theater
  • 3 small group numbers (5-8 kids in these) - contemporary, hip-hop, & tap
  • 1 trio - musical theater

6 of these received the ELITE award and 2 received High Gold.  The trio, one of the production numbers, and 1 of the small group numbers were the highest scoring numbers of the day!  Now we're getting ready for the big June recital.  J will be performing at a middle school and a street fair in June also.  For the rest of the summer, she will be taking a "theater jazz" and tap summer workshop for 8 weeks in Manhattan (with a final performance at the Alvin Ailey Theater), 3 days a week will be at her studio for their summer intensive, and scattered throughout the summer will be classes at Broadway Dance Center, also in Manhattan.  She won 5 free classes and plans on using them up.

K is officially done with her freshman year of college.  She just took her last final exam (her final final?) yesterday.  She has a new job (no more health food place) at one of my favorite stores and just finished her training last week.  She loves it.  Summer can't get here soon enough for her.

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