Thursday, June 07, 2012

Summer and 6th Grade

W is taking the CAT-E standardized test on Monday.  We have spent the last few weeks brushing up on all the math basics, even using our big blackboard to work out problems on.  He has a good grip on math, he just needs to do lots of practice problems.  As far as Language Arts, I've brought back more of the Charlotte Mason method which seems to help him with writing (written narrations, blogging), reading (decoding & comprehension), and penmanship (copywork, written narrations). Grammar is done in the spelling workbook (2 proofreading pages and 2 new grammar concept pages per week).  I'm not worried about the test at all.  He is confident and I think he'll do very well.  

Looking ahead to 6th grade, we will be spending more time on reading, writing, & math.  If he plans on attending one of the good NYC public high schools in a few years, he needs to have a good foundation in the 3Rs.   We also have a lot of books sitting in the china cabinet from when J was doing AO and I figure, why let them go to waste?  We'll try some of those and see how it goes.

For math, we have TT7, LoF, and various other workbooks, but I'm thinking of trying out Saxon.  The books are inexpensive and we can start with 76.  Saxon is plain and W likes plain.  

W does not read for pleasure - at all -and can only hold out for maybe 12 minutes if I assign him something.  He expends so much energy and concentration on only a few pages of reading.  He definitely understands and retains it all, but is ready for a nap by the time he's done.  I have no problems incorporating most of the books as readalouds and he narrates.  Although, with some books, I thought I'd try alternating pages (or even paragraphs) of reading with him.  I think it will help build his confidence.  

I am going to start taking the words from Spelling Skills and give him a test on them at the end of the week.  We will drop down from 2 chapters per week to 1 so we can focus more on the words.  In addition to the grammar we already do, I will be using Simply Grammar.  I've had that book for years and never get to it.  This year we'll try again, lol.  W will also continue with show choir, CCD, and frequent field trips.

I'm feeling great about 6th grade and can't wait for September to get started.  In the meantime, day camp starts in about 2-3 weeks and continues til the end of August.  I'm not going to get much academic work in all summer, but I'll still be happy with a few minutes a week.

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