Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Raw Food & W's EEG

Summer is half-way over and it's been good.  The NYC heat waves I can do without, though.  I think in August I'm going to start decorating for fall.  It's my favorite time of year and maybe I can get it here faster by the power of thought (and orange fabric leaves and scarecrows). I've decided to throw myself into the holidays this year.  Last year I was a pill and avoided most things.  I don't know why.  I mean, I wouldn't even listen to Christmas music.  So, now I'm ready to decorate, blast music, and do some fabulously fun holiday things with my family.  Bring it on!

The other evening I went to an amazing raw food demonstration given by Dayna Martin and Christina Cretella.  One of my homeschool mom friends hosted the event at her home.  It was so fun!  I've always been interested in a raw food diet and this inspired me again.  We had chocolate desserts, pad thai, soup, smoothies, wine, nachos, pancakes, and salad with a wonderful creamy dressing - all raw.  I'm planning on making a lot of these for my family, especially the desserts.  I love that the chocolate torte we had was actually healthier than eating a salad.  And you can eat these all day long without worry.  That's my kind of eating!  I am going to start out with only a few things that I'm almost positive my family will like:  a chocolate dessert - raw cacao nibs inside dates & coated with coconut, the salad dressing, green juices, and fruit smoothies.  I have to get all of us eating better.  The kids are wonderfully receptive to this.  Dh, on the other hand, needs a LOT of time to adjust.  I just have to be determined and focused and not give up.  Slowly we may be able to evolve into 50% raw.  That's the goal for now.  We'll see.

Dayna and Christina

W completed his part in the dyslexia study at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.  We were there over 6 hours.  W put on headphones, rested his chin on a strap, and watched and listed to certain images and videos while his eyes were being tracked and his hearing tested.  In an adjacent room there were several large computers showing extreme close-ups of W's eye.  It was fascinating.  The next part of the study included putting what looks like a swim cap (with dozens of small plastic-rimmed holes) on his head.  They squeezed a bit of gel into each hole, and attached an electrode to each hole.  Each electrode had a long wire attached to it that plugged into a machine.  They studied his brain waves and recorded which part of the brain is used during each task.  I was watching all this from another room and through glass, so it's hard to get specific.  They sprung for lunch again, too.  I worried for W since he was performing tasks for over 2 hours at a time, but he came out in great spirits.  At the end he was tired, but the $78 cash they gave him perked him right back up again.  We still weren't told anything about the initial testing.  It may be another month, they said.  I'm totally fine with that since this really was a gift for us.  

The Lab

Getting fitted with electrodes

Academically this week, W continued with the Saxon math addition drills, we're up to chapter 6 in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and we started Wordly Wise 6.  This summer is just a light taste of what we'll be doing in the fall, when everything gets more rigorous.  

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