Sunday, September 02, 2012

Grant's Tomb & Hamilton Grange

We met up with the homeschool group the other day for a double field trip.  Our first stop was to Grant's Tomb (General Grant National Memorial).  The ranger told us all about Grant's life.  I found it very fascinating.  He summed it up with the fact that Grant wanted to be buried in NYC and make sure his wife would be buried next to him.  We then walked into the memorial and looking down, we saw the 2 coffins together, surrounded by several wreaths of flowers.  It was touching.

Grant's Tomb
Inside the Grant Memorial

The ranger knew everything about Grant's life

The resting place of General Grant and his wife

All of us then walked 20 blocks uptown to Hamilton Grange.  This is the actual home Alexander Hamilton lived in.  It has been moved from its original location twice and has been restored mostly to its original state (they have put in bathrooms and changed where a staircase was to make it more visitor-friendly).  We watched film on his life and a film on how they moved the house to its current location.

A beautiful church across the street from the Grange

Alexander Hamilton's 1802 home

The main dining room in Hamilton's house (with original centerpiece tray)

This is on the wall inside the main entrance

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