Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Today, J took an online test for school. It was due the 24th, but it still went through. It was a math test. I was watching her as she took it and noticed a few things. She did better when reading the problem aloud and tended to fidget a bit. I'm pretty sure she's not allowed to do either when taking the test in school. She also would read the question but not "get it". She tended to overanalyze what some questions meant - sort of overlooking the obvious. She made a lot of silly mistakes, saying things like, "Oh, the answer is 7 because the line is right between 4 and 6". Or another thing she didn't get was if a street sign showed "Cinncinnati 68 miles" what is the sign telling you? She knew it meant how many miles it was from where you were. The correct answer was How far away Cincinnati is, but since that wasn't her wording, she was confused. And she thought that 1/4 was always 25 (like in money). It was interesting and I understand a bit more about how she does things. I think I'm going to use the "skills help" section of that website and have her do more problems in the areas she was confused. After she reread the problem, she understood it better and saw the mistakes she made. She did look at me to see if she was correct with most of them, but I kept a poker face and just told her to read the problem again if she had any doubts. It was hard not to intervene.

Tomorrow she needs to take a reading test online. I know she will do better if she reads the paragraphs aloud. I have to remind her to REALLY read the questions and make sure she knows that all the answers are IN the paragraph and not her own idea of what the answer should be.

BTW, she got 100% on the math test. The teacher is probably going to think I helped her through it since she did pretty poorly on the ones she took in school. J definitely does better test taking at home where she can relax and have no time limit. My presence is also comforting to her. I wish I knew how to get her feel more comfortable taking tests at school. That's what I need to research next, I guess.

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