Sunday, January 02, 2005

More Testing

J took another online test today. This time it was reading. She did amazingly well - getting a 97%. I loved watching the way her thought process worked. She did just as well reading silently as reading aloud, so at least I know that's not a problem. She knew to look back at the paragraph if the choice of answers was unclear and she liked to explain to me why she chose a particular answer. Her explanations were for her own sake, comparing things and finding similarities - which really amused her. I saw that she really does take tests seriously. She does well when able to let her mind go off on a tangent - relating what she just read to what she knows in true in her own life. It was great to see her sense of pride as she figured out each answer and ultimately came up with the correct ones most of the time.

Tomorrow she will do her project, comparing the geography, culture, economy, and history of Japan, S. Korea, Puerto Rico, and her home state. Then she needs to go over multiplication and division facts and finally study all her notes on Japan because the class is having a big test this week. I got her several interesting fiction novels to read over the holiday break, but she has no interest in reading at all. Maybe I'll schedule a reading time together with her sister tomorrow. That works sometimes. She needs to keep a reading log and more often than not, it is left blank. I'm very interested to see what the rest of the school year brings.

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