Monday, November 12, 2007

J wrote a song! In about an hour she had a 3 minute song that, to me, is just as good as anything on the radio. She sings it with lots of passion and intent. I need to get out the video camera one of these days to immortalize all these cool things the kids are doing lately.

There was no CCD this sunday because of the 3-day weekend. B took W to the meeting for basketball - the season starts in 2 weeks and goes til March, I think. After the meeting, we drove out to my mom's to celebrate my sister's and B's November birthdays.

Mom bought us a huge chalkboard. When we got home, J and W "broke it in" by covering the whole thing with chalk and erasing it. They drew tons of pictures on it and ended with each of them doing a Spongebob - no copying, completely from memory. They drew pictures for over an hour together. Of course when I first saw this ginormous chalkboard, I rolled my eyes so hard they almost fell out of my head. I thought it was way too classroomy. But I'm going to hang it up and let the kids use it as they like. They already love it and it might just come in handy for me as well.

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