Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Yesterday we went to the homeschool geography club. The country was Venezuela. J did a presentation with her friend on clothing and W read his page on music. Instead of cooking a dish, we stopped at a Venezuelan restaurant near us and picked up some arepas and empanadas. The rest of the food there was fantastic as usual. The moms and kids really impressed me with their cooking and presentations. Before we went, W found Venezuela on the globe and was thrilled to be able to point it out to everyone at the event. After all 20 kids did their oral reports, and after we at a wonderful Venezuelan lunch, the kids played together outside for a while. Then they came in for all the desserts!

Today W couldn't wait to get started on his workbook. He did 4 pages in Writing Words today, practicing words ending in nd, nk, and mp. J chose dictation again. She studied a poem called "Arms and the Boy" by Wilfred Owen. When she felt confident about it, I took the poem and read it back to her line by line as she wrote it in her notebook. This is a good exercise that covers handwriting, punctuation, spelling, and vocabulary. Some of the new words for her were: bayonet, malice, famishing, and cartridges.

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