Saturday, July 12, 2008

Camel Beach

We just got back from Camel Beach, PA - a cool waterpark we've never been to before. We left early Friday morning and got there in less than 2 hours. It was a perfect day. I'm not particularly a waterpark person, but the big slides were very fun. They had this one called the "Spin Cycle" where you go down this tube slide into this huge bowl and go around and around until you fall into another tube slide that leads out into water.It was like we were flushed down a toilet - so cool. The lazy river is B's favorite, lol. W loved the belly slides and the wave pool. The girls loved everything. One area is called the "Pharoah's Phortress" and it's a ginormous play structure with squirt guns, slides, and water pouring on you wherever you go. We stayed about 5 hours and drove back to our hotel.

After a quick dinner, the kids went in the hotel pool for another couple of hours. The hotel is the Woodlands Inn and Resort in Wilkes Barre and it's so beautiful. The girls had their own room adjoining ours. It was great! We left around 10 this morning and got home a little after noon. I had work at 2, K went to Adventureland with her friend, C, and my mom picked up J to take her out to her house so they can go to the beach tomorrow. J got gorgeous highlights in her hair the other day at the salon. She had her second earring hole done last month and had tips put on her nails a few weeks ago. K also had tips put on and had her blonde "low-lights" redone since the roots were starting to show. Now I think it's my turn to have "stuff done". I so need a mani-pedi.

J's July dance session starts Tuesday. She's having dance withdrawal and can't wait to get started again, lol. The instructor at the circus class called the other day to see if J would be interested in being a part of a show their doing. It was at THIS EVENT in East Hampton, Long Island (check out those ticket prices!!). Russell Simmons asked that a small group of kids from this place perform - and they selected J! Unfortunately, she can't do it, since she's already slotted to perform at Arthur Ashe Stadium with the dance company on the SAME FRIGGIN DAY. But she's happy enough to be performing anywhere, lol. I love how she's so incredibly humble about it all. She never brags and doesn't even really mention the stuff she does to her friends...
...I guess, then, it has to be my job! Blogs rock! :P

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