Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Honestly? Not much exciting is going on around here. W has his weekly (soon to be 3x/week) football practice and a birthday party coming up. J is doing camp in the evenings this week and spends the days with friends. K is also out with friends almost every day and went to a Mets game last night. I'm still getting this apartment organized - I'm down to the last bit of clutter and now I just have to make a big list of all the stuff to buy (mirrors, french doors, paint, stacking tables, etc). Work is going very well. I was one of 9 selected for this new initiative project. Sounds cool. And we're taking the kids to a water park this weekend.

I just received the last package of books for AO. Many of the books are free online, many of them I bought used, and a few I bought new. For both kids I spent a total of $147 on books. We went over the schedule and it all looks good. So, we're all ready to start. I'll have a sit-down with J and W and find out how they'd like to go about the whole thing. I'd like them to lead the way with it or the academics they enjoy will end up turning into a chore. We hit the Staples one-cent sale the other day too. 16 pencils ($.02), 10 folders ($.10), 2 small bottles of Purell ($.02), two 1" binders ($.50), and two 1/2" binders ($.50). Soon Target has it's back to school sale - which I LOVE and we can get tons of notebooks, crayons, glue, paper, pens, and other supplies. I'm hoping for a really interesting, fun, year.

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