Sunday, October 05, 2008

Rainy Fall

This week went by fast. With K being home for 3 days, we took a break from the schedule. We all got our eyes checked, new glasses, and new contact lenses (the girls and me). I did lots of cleaning. We bought Halloween decorations. The kids painted masks and wall hangings. It was a chilly, rainy week, so there wasn't much outside time. But we did play some indoor games, tended to the pets, watched movies, and honed the kids' culinary skills. W still ended up doing lots of math and reading this week, and J spent time on research (whatever catches her attention at the moment) and updated some of her web pages.

J had about 14 hours of dance this week. Her new dance solo is coming along nicely and she finally chose a song for vocal. Having these several months to practice it with the vocal coach is going to be great for her. W loved his musical theater class this week. There are lots of boys in the class this year, so he's excited about it. He also had a great cub scout meeting the other day. They talked about different leaves, identifying them, naming the parts, and making a project. There was also lots of talk about the camping trip that's coming up. W doesn't stop talking about it. B is also looking forward to it and already has everything they need.

As for me, I'm happy to say I had nothing fear over the big changes made at work. I settled into my new phone queue and my boss was right - I have more than doubled my sales over the last 2 weeks. I can't believe it. And the new money is coming at the right time. I hope it stays like this!

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