Monday, October 20, 2008


Today W did a lot of cursive writing practice, 3 pages of math, 3 pages of phonics, we read a tale from James Herriot, a "Just So Story", and played word games on a few internet sites I found. Math was story problems and graphing. Phonics was review of long vowels and silent e. The internet sites had spelling quizzes and creating words from blended beginnings and endings. He is determined to increase his reading ability and speed. In CCD he refused to read for the teacher at all because he's self conscious. Today, after our scheduled stuff, he insisted on going to those learning websites. Then he asked if we could go to the big bookstore so he could get some books for him ("on his level"). I will never turn down a request like that! At the bookstore, he picked out about 7 books he wanted. They were the "I Can Read" - types he enjoys so much. Thankfully they were all around $4 each (more like $3.25 with my educator discount!). I also picked up (the real) Peter Pan to read to him and The Iliad/The Odyssey for J. Those stories are somewhere in the schedule and I got a beautiful wrapped hardcover copy of both for $20. Tomorrow we have a trip and I'll be bringing some books for W to read to me while the older kids have their class. He's set to be a "great reader" by next Sunday.

This afternoon, J went to her friend's house to sleep over (I'm picking both of them up in the morning for the trip) and W scootered over to the park with B. W ended up in an impromptu soccer game with another kid there. I lost my camera again. That always seems to happen the week I have some trips planned. Ugh.

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