Saturday, February 28, 2009

Queens Historical Society

Yesterday, W went to a homeschool group class at the Queens Historical Society in Flushing. They discussed the Underground Railroad and made paper quilts. After the class they took a tour of the rooms. The house is almost 250 years old. I found it fascinating to learn about the history of Queens as I walked around the place. I met several homeschooling families I hadn't seen before and it was great. It's a wonderful feeling to have conversations with people who are on the same page as you. After the class and tour, many of the kids went right over to the playground next door. All the kids were between the ages of 5 and 9 and W could have stayed there all day.

We left around 4 to go pick up J at her friend's house. She had gone to a different homeschool group's event out in Long Island. This was a drama class led by her friend, A. J enjoyed it a lot and loved seeing all her friends from the big homeschool dance the week before. We haven't done much with the Long Island group lately because, well, everything is in Long Island. I'm burnt out with the 30-45 minute drives. But since J can catch a ride out there, she can go to more things with them. So, I picked her up and took her to dance class. She's finishing up a new group number that will go out to competition. During her class, W had cub scouts, so I dropped him off next. Yay that his meetings are right around the corner. I then got to read and relax for an hour.

At home, the contractor and renovation guy are back. It seems that one of the electrical outlets in the kitchen has to be moved. AAARRGGHH! So after the whole kitchen was done, more holes are being opened and more plaster and dirty friggin fingerprints are covering my freshly-painted walls.

J is singing tomorrow for a mini-recital show. My mom and sisters are coming in from LI to watch. I found out I'm allowed to videotape, so I'm thrilled to use my new camera I got for Christmas. I'll see how that goes and if I can post a video on here.

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