Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Central Park Zoo

W went to another Central Park Zoo School class on Monday. This was was called "Head for Home" and was about the unique relationships between animals and their habitats. B brought him in for this and they got to explore the zoo again. This time I remembered to give him the camera!

This is the famous Central Park Delacourt Music clock. From 8:00 am — 5:00 pm on the hour and half-hour, one of 26 nursery rhyme tunes plays while a bear with tambourine, a hippopotamus with violin, a goat with pan pipes, a kangaroo and offspring with horns, and a penguin with drum glide around the base of the clock. In addition, on the hour two monkeys on the top of the clock appear to strike a bell.

Here's a polar bear coming over to say hi. It's Gus, born in 1985 and living here since 1988 with his buddy Ida.

B and W came across this squirrel who came over to see if they had anything to eat. He even jumped up onto the bench next to them. Even the squirrels in NYC are fearless and streetwise, lol

Here is J in the "pit" leading her kids class at the recital rehearsal last week:


Anonymous said...

WOW that is amazing!!! Your 12 year old teaches a dance class. She must be really talented to have her own class at this age!! WTG

NYCitymomx3 said...

She's the teacher's assistant. Each week she stretches the kids for 10 minutes, demonstrates/leads the moves and routines, and gives individual help when needed. She's looking forward to the day when she'll have a class that's all her own!