Saturday, May 30, 2009

Life is so Fun

Another fun week of sprinklers at the playground and biking with friends for W, dancing, meeting friends at the park and sleepovers for J, and school, tanning, out for dinner with friends, and work for K. K is loving work so much, she even worked an extra day this week. She wants to save up for a laptop. Her friends all work - one girl even has 3 jobs - so it motivates her to keep a positive attitude and enjoy it all. I love that she tells me all the funny stories of the day and we just get silly and laugh a lot. My friend saw her in the pizzeria today and called to tell me how cool it was that she's working, and of course how old we both feel, lol.

The big recital rehearsal was on Thursday evening. W and B are in the musical theater number. They're squeezing the entire "A Christmas Carol" into 15 minutes. W is a townsperson and a ghost, B is a townsperson and the Ghost of Christmas Present, and J, well put it this way, J has 5 costume changes in that one number. Altogether, J will be performing her 6 competition group numbers, her vocal solo, the big opening number, an acro number, a ballet number, and the 15-minute musical theater number. 11 numbers, 16 costumes, and she's also in "the pit" guiding her baby class through their 2 numbers (ok, they're not babies, they're like 7). She wouldn't trade any of it for the world. :)

W is staying on track with the AO schedule. He loves doing his work with B. Since B's been home (did I mention he lost his job in March?), he's been taking over the seatwork. I set everything up, mark which pages they're doing, and they get to it. It's nice seeing them together like that. There really is something so cool about seeing your husband reading poetry to your son.

Here's W's recap for the week:

Spectrum Phonics Grade 2: (double vowels - EA, OW, AY, AI, EE, OA, OO)
CIMS Math: (addition & subtraction w/money as decimals, 3-digit addition) - He really loves math and is just flying through this.
Poetry A.A. Milne: 3 poems
Copywork: the day's poetry (one line and/or title of poem) - He's starting to get slick by picking the shortest poems with the shortest titles to avoid much writing, lol. We may have to come up with something else for copywork
Fifty Famous Stories Retold: "Picciolina" - He gave a great narration for this.
An Island Story: "The Coming of Arthur" - And another great narration for this one. I'm amazed at how well he's learned to do that. The whole premise here is that narrations are the precursor to good writing skills. We'll see.
Aesop for Children: "The Stag and his Reflection", "The Peacock" - He's starting to understand and figure out the morals himself. That's so awesome.
Tales From Shakespeare: "The Winter's Tale" - These are hard to understand when you're not used to the language. I don't even bother asking for a narration with these. He just listens.
George Washington: (D'Auliere) - I love this author. The story is interesting, the pictures are wonderful, and W relates to the character's childhood. He loved Ben Franklin too.
Little House in the Big Woods: 20pgs. - This is the homeschool book club selection for June. He likes the story. I always thought these were a bit "girly", but W likes the parts about hunting, food preparations, and wild animal encounters.

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Vanessa said...

Man, I wish I loved my job as much as K loves hers! That's so cool.