Friday, June 11, 2010


W's morning academics are going so well.  I love that time with him. We're planning on using the whole summer to finish AO Yr2.  I can't find the TT math CD, so we've just been using the workbook.  We both actually like it this way. If we use this program again, I may only buy the workbook.  I've already started accumulating some Year 3 books.  A bunch of them carry over from Year 2,  I found 11 that were free and I've already uploaded them to my Nook, and I only have to buy about half of them.  I don't think I'll spend more than $100.  I'm already looking forward to next year.  Having W as my only homeschooler is going to be so much fun.  It's going to be weird not having J here, too, and I think he's starting to worry about that.  

J has officially come to the end of her home education.  Technically, she's still mine until September, lol, but our academic time is complete.  She has summer reading to do for school and of course I'm here to always help with schoolwork, but she is no longer a homeschooler.  I will be writing up her final 4th quarterly and annual assessment in a week or so.  Yesterday she went to her new school and took a math placement test with all the other incoming freshmen.  This is to see which math class you belong in.  J thinks she did ok, but prefers not to be in any honors (accelerated) classes.  She hasn't been in school in 5 years and the unknown is scary enough without it having to be an accelerated unknown.  She can go into honors (and then AP classes later) anytime if she qualifies, though, so she'll see how the first half of the year goes.  So, J joins the rest of the schoolkids who have over 2 full months of summer freedom before school begins.  She's more excited about this than anything ever.

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