Sunday, June 06, 2010

Group Dance Shots

I took these from the website of one of J's competitions.  They were just put up this week and I plan on ordering these shots.  I just couldn't wait, so I posted these right from the website.  These are 3 of J's group numbers.  They are comprised of the 6 members of her team, so they are always in the "small group" category.  The other 3 groups she was in comprised of her team with the older team's (ages 15 & 16) 6 members, and that's in the "large group" category.  Those haven't been posted on the comp's website, yet - but I'll probably find some great shots to order from those as well.  Yes, that's a huge watermark in the middle of each one, lol.  The actual prints come out much clearer, too.  But you get the idea...


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