Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kick Off to Summer!!

K is officially a high school graduate. The ceremony was on Friday and it was beautiful. 67 kids walked across that stage to receive their diplomas. Then there was a barbecue in the schoolyard. We hung around for a bit afterwards, but then we all went out to lunch to celebrate.

Later that evening was J's big end-of-the-year dance recital. She was in 10 numbers - 5 in each act. In addition to her 5 competition group numbers, she was in the opening set, the musical theater number (as Sandy in Grease), then as a princess on stage with her baby class, and she performed her duet and her solo. J was so excited to be the one chosen to do the recital solo. And she did a beautiful job. The evening was hectic as usual, but these kids are pros at quick changes. We got it all done in under 3 hours. After the recital, we all celebrated by going out to eat (and having a few drinks, lol). What a great day that was.

Saturday was my day to relax.  On Sunday, we all drove up to Brewster to celebrate my niece's 9th birthday.  Her party was a big barbecue on the lake.  J did some paddle-boating and W spent the whole time in the water.  There were lots of kids there.  He even swam out to this wooden lake raft thing that was pretty far out in the water.  I mean real swimming - not just doggy-paddling.  W hasn't really swam since he had those free park lessons in 2007.   I had no idea he could swim that well.

A small section of Heckscher Playground - Check out the rock mountains in the background!
On Monday I took W to Central Park to meet up with 2 of his best friends.  We met in the Heckscher playground and the boys got right into a water gun war with a bunch other kids.  They made teams and ran around the playground getting soaked for over 3 hours.  W loved it.  It was so fun watching them.  I love that boys this age can just jump right into playing with each other and become friends for the whole day - and yet, never get each others names, lol.  After the water play, they ran around with light-saber swords and climbed the big rock mountains next to the playground.  I definitely have to get back there with him.  So fun.

W also started day camp yesterday!  He had been doing the camp-countdown for a couple of months and the day finally came.  I worried, as usual, but he loved it.  I dropped him off at around 7:30am and he was picked up around 6pm.  Then he went right back out to go to the playground with his friend, Matt, who lives next door.  By the time I got home from work at 10:30pm, he was asleep.  Well, at least this morning I got to see him and ask him how it was.  He mentioned cooking and outside play and crafts.  He saw some kids there from last year.  And now every Wednesday there's a trip - usually something local, like a big playground or bowling, but I did see the Bronx Zoo on the list for one of the weeks.  To me, this is so worth it.  He got right up at 6:30am on his own today to get ready.  There's nothing he loves better than a full day of fun with friends.  Oh, to be 10 years old again.

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