Saturday, June 18, 2011

Senior Prom!

Thursday was K's senior prom.  She had been looking forward to this since like forever.  As a toddler she was obsessed with Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty and always wanted to have her beautiful royal ball with her prince charming.  I have to say...she got it.

She started the planning at the beginning of the school year on the hunt for the perfect dress.  She must have looked at millions of websites, magazines, and TV shows.  Finally in March she found it.  The store had it in a different color, but she had it ordered and it arrived a few weeks later.  At the end of April we had the dress tailored and she went and found the shoes and jewelry to go with it.  Throughout May she wrote up list after list of what she needed to get done.

Two weeks before prom, she had her hair cut and highlighted.  A few days before prom she had her nails, toes, and eyebrows done - and did 10 minutes at the tanning salon.  Then on prom day, she had her hair styled into a "waterfall braid".  4 or 5 women at the salon were working on K's hair to make it look like the hair in the photo she brought.

 Then we went straight to a friend's house with 3 other girls to get her makeup professionally done.  This makeup artist has a bunch of famous clients (including a few Real Housewives).  While she was there I went and picked up the white rose boutonniere sprayed with silver glitter to match K's dress.

By 3pm we were home and she got dressed.  We took pictures outside with MIL.  Dh's aunt and MIL's best friend came over to see her.  Our first stop for pictures was at K's boyfriend's house.  He looked amazingly handsome with his tux.  K pinned the boutonniere onto his lapel and he slid the corsage onto her wrist.  We took lots of pictures with his mom and sister.  The second stop was K's best friend's house.  More pictures with both couples, the moms, some other friends.  My last stop was another friend's house.  This was where the party bus was picking up all the kids at around 6:30pm.  We got there at about 5pm.  20 kids, their dates, and lots of parents were there.  We took another million pictures.  There was a beautiful spread of food for the kids (finger sandwiches, a huge sushi platter, bowls of chips, etc) and the home had lots of "Class of 2011" gold & mylar balloons, plates, & napkins.

The prom was held in a gorgeous wedding hall out in Long Island.  K said everything was great.  She took a lot of pics too.  After the prom, they all changed into their "after-prom" clothes and the bus took the kids around Manhattan until about 4am.  She said it was so fun and one of the most perfect nights ever.

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