Sunday, January 29, 2012

FAO Schwarz & W's Yellow Belt

We met the homeschool group on 5th Avenue Tuesday for a behind-the-scenes tour of FAO Schwarz.  One of the toy soldiers took us around.  We've been to the store dozens of times, but it was very cool learning what makes the store tick.  The kids played with a Barbie Foosball table (that cost $25000), talked with the "nurse" who was holding the newborn dolls in the newborn nursery, saw where the Muppets are made that star as extras in the Muppet movies, and of course, played on the BIG Piano.  And as usual, W found the Myachi guy and spent forever with him - learning new tricks and performing for the customers.

On Saturday W took his yellow belt test at Karate.  He was more nervous than I'd ever seen before.  I knew he knew the moves, but he was so afraid of failing.  Out of about 30 kids going for new belts, 6 were testing for their yellow belt.  I thought it would be quick, but it's a huge event.  The owner (a world-renowned karate master) sits at a table judging every move, writing notes down, and whispering to his assistant.  It's pretty intense.  He did very well - absolutely nailing the kata.  So, now he's a yellow belt and will start "kumite" (sparring) soon.

Academically, W is doing a good amount of math, spelling, & reading.  After FAO, we went to Barnes & Noble with a few others.  After a while, when it was time to leave, I saw that W was sitting on the floor completely immersed in a novel.  I called him over and he begged me to buy it for him.  Well of course!  He was reading Star Wars IV, A New Hope (not a kid's book).  He read it the whole subway ride home and then at home over the next few days.  Wow.  I'm so proud of him.  Apart from the occasional "what is this word, Ma?", he is reading it completely independently with full comprehension.  Things like this make it all worth it.

J is almost done with this season's choreography.  There have been non-stop rehearsals for the upcoming competitions.  I think in total, she spent about 17 hours at the studio this week.  Add that to the 3 hours of dance every day at school and I say thank goodness she loves it.  2 more weeks til the first comp!

K started her new semester of college.  She's happy with her classes so far and is determined to make this semester even better than the last one.


Hippy Chick said...

I'm always lurking here on your blog because I also homeschool and just love to see what interesting activities you are up to with your kids. I was encouraged to see a Star Wars novel could inspire some reading time. I think I may buy that and leave it around the house in the hopes that my own reluctant reader Jedi will pick it up!

NYCitymomx3 said...

Hi Hippy Chick. I say, whatever sparks that interest - go with it. Thanks for stopping by!