Sunday, January 08, 2012

Weekly Report 1/1-1/7

Happy New Year!  Celebration was at my house this year with the family and one of J's friends.  Lots of food and Dick Clark!  K and the boyf  went to this swanky, ritzy party in Long Island.  Boyf's whole family was there and they all took limos there and home.  K had an unbelievable time and looked beautiful in a long-sleeved, open-backed, blue velvet short dress with tan clutch & tan wedge heels.  She was stunning.  K's doing great at her job and school starts up for her again in a couple of weeks.  J's been crazy busy with dance.  Competition season starts next month.  Next weekend we're off to Atlantic City for a big dance convention.  She's getting together a bunch of info for summer dance intensives here in NYC.  She's not sure what she wants to do yet.  School is still going great (she got another A+ on an English paper, btw) and she just loves every second of it.  It goes by so fast, though.

W and I went to our usual weekly winter haunt again - the uber-cool homeschooler get-together at the pool hall in the West Village.  Pool, foosball, table shuffleboard, and ping-pong were on the agenda for him that day.  Some of the moms and I chatted while making these pretty paper star crafts.  I'm not really the crafty type, but mine came out pretty good!

W is almost ready for his yellow belt in karate.  He got a stripe added to his belt this week.  Test at the end of the month!  He got contact lenses this week and now he doesn't have to worry about his glasses sliding down or flying off.

We were scheduled for a trip this week to Wall Street for a class on the History of Money, but W came down with a sore throat, cough, & fever.  He's feeling better now.  He has responded very well to the relaxed academics and seems to be retaining a lot more.  He even came to me at 9:30pm one night to "do work".  We're moving really quickly through math, his reading is still at or above grade level (have we passed the typical dyslexic plateau level?), and he's picking up 5th-grade grammar very easily.  Science and History have been in the forms of readings & questions, documentaries, field trips, and projects/experiments.  It's fun and stress-free, just the way we like it.

This week's academics included:
Prime & composite numbers, Factoring, Greatest common factor, Equivalent fractions, Reducing fractions, Proofreading paragraphs, Prefixes, Dictionary pronunciations, The Giraffe, Pelly, & Me (Dahl), The history of money (Money Sense).

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