Saturday, March 10, 2012

American Folk Art Museum

We met up with the homeschool group again this week for another one of those child-led museum explorations.  This time we hit the American Folk Art Museum. I have never been here before, so it was a trip I looked forward to.  It's really small (one floor) and they didn't have a museum map, so each child picked a gallery and a piece to discuss with the others.  We moms left them to it, standing in a center area between all 3 galleries to keep an eye on them.  The idea of 10-12 year-olds looking at artwork and discussing it together without being guided sounds like it could never work, but you'd be surprised. I certainly was.  Once again, they took the responsibility seriously and rose to the occasion.  
An hour or so later, we were lucky enough to get a tour from one of the workers there.  She was great.  She brought us to several pieces of artwork and told us all about their history, artist, and meaning.  The tour was fun and interesting, but I do think the kids get more out of these trips when they have to come up with their own ideas.

Check out the dancers in the subway the other day:

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