Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Pat's & Other Stuff

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  As I am more than a quarter Irish and dh has a smidgen somewhere in there, we are having our annual corned beef & cabbage dinner complete with Irish soda bread, rye bread, carrots, & potatoes.  I look forward to it every year.  I refuse to have it any other time - it doesn't feel right, lol.  K is going to another one of those swanky parties with the boyf and his extended family and J is babysitting all day with her friend.  Both won't be home til tomorrow, so dinner will just be the 3 of us.  Well, thankfully, this dinner tastes just as good the next day, so the girls can have theirs on Sunday.

J went to pointe class this morning and then taught her usual 3 dance classes.  W went to karate this morning. He did sparring today.  He is getting better at the movements, but tends to punch like a street fighter.  He does take direction well, so I'm sure that will fix itself before his orange belt test next month.  K is just so happy to be back at the health food place that she even enjoys last-minute covering for those who have called out.  She loves being surrounded by the healthiest food: brown rice wraps, smoothies, fresh juice, homemade oatmeal, etc.  Speaking of healthy food, I decided we are all going to start on a Mediterranean-type diet.  I already made my list which includes things like lots of fruits, vegetables, extra-virgin olive oil, fish, whole grains, brown rice, nuts, and red wine.  I found some great recipes, so I think they'll love it.

In other news, my 25th high school reunion is next weekend.  I have reconnected with more than half of my graduating class through facebook and I can't wait to see everyone.  I went to my 10th and 20th already, but now so many more people are aware of it and will be there.

W's Academics This Week
English/Language Arts:
Using context clues to figure out what certain words mean, The different types of fiction & nonfiction and how to identify and compare them (sci-fi, poetry, myth, textbook, newspaper, instruction manual, biography, etc), Vocabulary words, synonyms, antonyms, homophones, homonyms
Using charts & graphs, Finding mathematical patterns, Equivalent fractions, Long division, The value of an unknown, Geometric figures (from triangle to dodecagon).
Various reading, websites, & documentaries on The American Revolution
Earth, clouds & weather.  Reading & websites.
DK Language Learner Lesson 1.  W and I had fun with it.  We're both learning together using the book, the CD, and playing the games.

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