Monday, April 09, 2012

One Direction, SNL, & Rudy's

J and her friend (S) had exclusive passes to go see the dress rehearsal of Saturday Night Live this past week.  The guest host was Sofia Vergara and the musical guest was none other than my daughter's newest boy band crush - One Direction.  S's mom and I brought the girls in by subway around 6pm.  It was getting crowded inside the NBC Studio building.  Packs of teenage girls were everywhere.  S's cousin (who works for the show) came down to escort them right up.  It was great to see them walk right past the crowd and into the elevator.  They had 2nd row floor seats.  They got to see the whole show and One Direction was right in front of them performing their 2 numbers.  I'd say about 10 feet away.  J & S called a few things out and got their attention and the boys smiled and waved at them.  Needless to say, both of them were crying and dying.

S's mom and I walked around looking for a quiet place to sit and have a beer while we waited for the girls.  That's not easy in the Times Square area.  Finally we found the perfect divy-looking "old-man-bar".  It turned out to be the best place ever.  Looks were certainly deceiving.  $3 bottles of beer, free hotdogs, great music, mixed crowd, and a fantastic bartender.  I found out later that this place has been here since it was a speakeasy in the 30s.  It's called Rudy's Bar & Grill and it's on 9th Avenue right in Hell's Kitchen.  The history of the place is not to be believed.

We walked back over to pick up the girls around 10pm.  We passed right through the middle of Times Square.  I forgot how breathtakingly beautiful it is at night.  I fit right in with all the tourists as I whipped out my camera and started taking pictures of it.  The girls were waiting outside for us and couldn't wait to flash us their show passes.  It seemed to draw some attention.  Half a dozen girls ran over to them asking how it was and if they got to see the band and how lucky they were.  Then out came Leslie Mann (from The Change-Up) who took some pics with fans and jumped right into her awaiting Escalade.  We finished the night off with a vanilla ice-cream cone with chocolate crunchies on it from the Mr. Softee truck right there on 50th street by Rockefeller Plaza.  The subway home took 15 minutes and B was right right there to pick us up.  What a great night!

J and her friend on the way to NBC Studios to see One Direction at the dress rehearsal of SNL

J's access into SNL 

S's mom and I were in the Times Square/Hell's Kitchen area while we waited for the girls.  

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