Tuesday, April 24, 2012

WOW!! Totally Shameless Brag

J's Musical Theater Trio (J is in blue)

We were at another dance competition this weekend in Long Island.  J did 8 numbers on Saturday:  4 small groups (hip-hop, contemporary, tap, musical theater), 2 large productions (musical theater, contemporary), a trio (musical theater), & a solo (lyrical).  Everything got the highest awards - high gold and platinum.  But, I was so incredibly proud when J got a platinum for her solo.  This is a solo she choreographed from start to finish all by herself.  She chose the costume, the hairstyle, the song, she cut the music, and put it all together in less than a month.  She finished it a few days before the February competition.  At that point she hadn't done any cleanups, had enough practice, and didn't even dance with the costume on before the comp - but still made the top 5 with a high gold.  But this weekend she was ready.  It was told to us over and over that this would be one of the most difficult comps we had ever done, with really tough judges.  I think a couple dozen Teen Advanced solos performed, and to me, they were all so good.  They called a top 10 of only platinum award winners.  After they called the first 5, I figured J didn't place, but then they called her name.  She made top 5 at THIS competition!!

Then, they called her up to tell her she won a spot to perform in the opening number of their Nationals!  We aren't going, but it's great to be chosen.  Then they were giving out a scholarship to Broadway Dance Center in Manhattan.  I wanted her to win this so badly.  She's been there several times - taking classes with Tyce Diorio and Ellenore Scott.  They called about 7 kids' names and then last of all was J.  Omg!  I was dying.  Classes there are at least $25 each and she won 5 free classes!!

The next day the team had one more number - a tap production (which just means more than 17 kids).  They  received a platinum award for that and came in 2nd for overall production number.  I figured we were done for the day and then got the shock of my life.  They announced they were now about to give out an overall 13-and-over top Student Choreography award.  They went on about how many company students are choreographing their own dances and they want to recognize that.  And here there was only 1 winner.  When they called J's name and dance number I flipped out.  B and I were in tears that J was recognized and awarded for her choreography.  It is extremely hard for any choreographer to create a platinum-winning solo and I can't believe J did that at 15 years old.

She has already been approached by one of the 12-year-old company members to choreograph her solo for next year's season.


ptmom said...

Congratulations! Amazing accomplishments!

NYCitymomx3 said...

Thank you.