Friday, November 11, 2005

J had solo practice this morning at 9:30. A lot of kids were there and I think J got a bit flustered and uncomfortable with everyone watching her learn her routine. P's dd does the dance with J, and that really distracts J, so I have to talk to P about that. I drove the girls into Manhattan afterward so they could spend the day with their grandmother at work. Traffic was horrendous and I don't plan on driving in there again anytime soon. Mom works in Columbus Circle and they are just starting to put Christmas wreaths all over the buildings now. They look so pretty. This is where she works:

We drove along 57th street which was a dream for K. She couldn't believe all her favorite stores were right there: Louis Vuitton, Tiffany, Prada, Coach, Berberry, etc. She definitely knows what she likes!

There was another girl, 11, at Mom's work to hang with. They played Monopoly and read magazines together. Then they all went for lunch at a small Asian place in the area (the small hole-in-the-wall places are always the best in NYC!) and took the subway back to Queens at around 7 to meet me. Mom and K went back to Long Island, while J came home with me and W. J has dance all weekend so she'll be busy.

I am helping J come up with a weekly schedule. I made a list of all the books and workbooks we have and she's deciding what will be done on what day. She's excited about it and I'll admit, it makes things easy for me to have a schedule to follow. It's pretty much going to look like this:

Monday: 1. Arts & Crafts 2. Math Website or Workbook 3. Silent reading
Tuesday: 1. Bridge Workbook (all subjects), 2. Geography Website, Workbook or Reading book 3. Read-aloud
Wednesday: 1. Library 2. Test-Prep Workbook (has math, reading, language arts) 3. Silent Reading, Read-aloud
Thursday: 1. History Website, Workbook, or Reading book (Biography, Life in Colonial or Civil War times) 2. Reading, Spelling, or Language Arts workbook 3. Silent Reading
Friday: 1. Science Experiment 2. Bridge Workbook 3. Journal Writing

It's still a work in progress. I doubt she'll follow the list 100%, but she's comfortable at least having some sort of goal for her day. She already does all of this anyway, and having a written plan keeps her from feeling aimless. And there is also so much more learning going on throughout the day. I'm very proud of her for realizing what her needs are and doing something about it.


Patrice said...

Wow I can't believe you actually drove to Columbus Circle. Traffic always sucks over there. Eep. I'm missing home alot now. Thanks for the pic. :)

Cool about J's list. If it helps her and since it was her idea, I think that rocks. She's an active participant instead of just a captive student.

NYCitymomx3 said...

Uck! I also drove through Manhattan from Jersey last night. Why won't I learn?! It took 1 1/2 hours to get from 10th Avenue to 2nd Avenue. I love Manhattan, but my car isn't going near it ever again. LOL.

Patrice said...

ROFL! I don't blame you. Good thing NY has great public transportation (that I miss so much since I still don't drive--ugh!)

And can I say I totally remember those long traffic waits? Heck, last place we lived before we moved to TN was Staten Island and boy you should have seen the traffic coming from NJ into Staten Island. We'd be stuck there so long. I laugh down here when we get stuck in traffic b/c it's nothing like NY.