Sunday, November 12, 2006

OK. K's test is finally over. We can all relax and get back to normal, lol. She said most of it was pretty easy and almost identical to what we crammed in the week before. I brought the Applicant Record (the other thing that gets you into Catholic high schools) to her old guidance counselor. She will send a copy of that to all the listed high schools after she fills out K's 6th and 7th grade scores. This woman has been more than helpful to us and although a little hesitant about our homeschooling, she's still supportive. I'm trying to educate her a bit on what homeschooling really is about, so maybe she'll get rid of some of her misconceptions. Doesn't everyone have those same misconceptions? Why? It's weird. I feel like making pamphlets to hand out instead of repeating the same shit to everyone we come in contact with.

This a great video: Do Schools Kill Creativity.

A lot of what is said reminds me so much of J. I always said J needed more creative freedom than school allowed (and academic and social freedom, too). She was labeled ADHD when she couldn't sit still and then ADD when the fidgety went away and she couldn't focus. They wanted her on medication "to keep her in line". It just makes me sick. And my daughter is also a dancer. She always needed to move to think. Well thankfully, now she can, although she seems to have no problems thinking sitting perfectly still now either!

We didn't get out like I planned to this week - lack of funds, plus hyper-focus on K's test. The kids did plenty of workbook - one day while I was folding laundry, I happened to notice all of them on the couch helping each other! K was correcting J's reading comprehension practice test and showing her analogies in the TACHS prep book, and both were showing W an easier way to add numbers together. They were at it for about an hour. Beautiful.

The kids had dance every day but Wednesday. They're all doing great. W did his solo yesterday in front of the other kids for the first time. All the cheers and applause has him ready for the first competition in February! He's got most of it choreographed already. We'll be setting up a regular weekly schedule for him soon.

This week is full of homeschool groups outings and I'd like to take the kids to a museum. I was thinking about The National Museum of the American Indian. I keep hearing how awesome it is. Hopefully I'll have batteries my camera this week so I can post pictures of things! AA batteries don't last long in a digital camera.


Kathy said...

Loved the TEDtalk video and have watched several others. Going to link to it on my blog too (and back to you). Thanks!

We went to the National Museum of the American Indian in NYC a few years ago, it was very visually stimulating from what I remember. There was an exhibit of colorful native art from South America that was really great!

NYCitymomx3 said...

Thanks for the info on the museum. We've never been there and I always hear how nice it is. :)