Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Still crazy around here, but we're doing well. We've been enjoying all the homeschool group activities, seeing lots of family, and doing lots of learning. J and W are using their workbooks frequently. W, last night after trick-or-treating, was proud to reel off to me what 4+2 is and 9-6 is. He loves just about all subjects. His behavior has been so wonderful, although he still needs a bit more time to get the stuff he learned in school out of his system. It'll come, though. He is really starting to understand so much more about this world. He's a joy to be with every day.

J not only has been workbooking, but doing lots of writing (insert Hallelujah Chorus). She recently started a journal, too. She has been making lots of drawings and beautiful crafts. Next week she wants to work on a few basics like multiplication and division again and then move quickly on to stuff like algebra and geometry. She requested more science experiments and we might even get into some deeper Colonial stuff this month. She is still adjusting to not being the only homeschooler anymore, and I see it aggravates her sometimes, but she's loving having her siblings home.

K is busy with her TACHS studies. I plan on really cracking down with her over the next few weeks before the test. She is still fixed on attending high school next year, but she is curious about distance learning programs, getting in touch with other teen/preteen homeschoolers, and other "homeschooly" things. She has been getting more and more in touch with her kid-self, jumping in leaves, playing running games, and watching more tame tv. She is also getting along much better with the rest of the family. There is hardly any eye-rolling and door slamming anymore, lol. She has realized a need to release all her "friends" from middle-school and has made several new friends already. I know she has been doing a lot of thinking and re-evaluating what's important in her life. I am so proud of her maturity and willingness to take a big leap toward change. Her creativity has blossomed - she is cooking, crafting, and writing a lot. And she suddenly has this glowing happiness - something I haven't seen in a long time.

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