Sunday, November 05, 2006

We had a really long week. I have to say my grandmother's wake and funeral were beautiful, and it was wonderful seeing extended family I haven't seen in years. One thing I noticed was how many times I was asked how the kids are doing in school. I confidently told everyone (individually, lol) that we homeschool. Yes, all three kids. No it doesn't involve all that - they enjoy learning so they're naturally drawn to it with no pressure or frustration. The questions were endless as was the genuine support. Everyone who found out we homeschooled was fascinated and loved the idea.

And the best was at a fundraiser last night. I got into a conversation with a first-grade teacher who was going on and on about how standardized tests are a huge joke (especially the 8th-grade test which holds no weight with high schools and kids might as well just "wipe their ass with it", lol), how parents argue with how she runs her classroom, how kids are diagnosed with ADHD way too often and medicated into a stupor, and how the range of abilities in a class makes it impossible to meet needs. And this was all before I even mention that we homeschool! So then I happened to slip in that fact, and she thought it was brilliant. I could see it got her really thinking. She was so supportive and told me to call her if I need anything. She has tons of Scholastic books and other stuff. She also said she knows that homeschooling is really taking off now, since parents are just fed up. I was so proud and it was another moment where homeschooling just felt so "right".

This week, I plan to really connect with the kids. TV will be off most of the day, and we'll go to some fun places. Some workbook here and there and lots of games and imaginative play. And a crackdown on the TACHS prep with K. The test is this Saturday and she needs to do well. Ideally, by the spring she will have been accepted to her top schools and she can have the option to attend or stay home. I believe she can do it.

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