Tuesday, January 16, 2007

It is now 25 degrees here in NYC. Too cold to be outside. We've been having fun at home. W is reading better and better every week. K and J have been reading and computer-ing. We've been really enjoying the whole hamster saga. They are 2 weeks old tomorrow. They have started to venture out of the nest alone and find there way to the food bowl now. They love seeds and rolled oats. Mama hamster usually has to pick each one up by the scruff and toss them back into the nest. Sometimes almost all of them are out and about. I can see why sometimes she just retreats into the other tank for a while, lol. I finally got a headcount and there are 7 black ones and 4 pink/white ones (which will probably turn into the regular brown/white hamsters). They're so friggin cute!

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