Sunday, January 14, 2007

On Friday, J went to an art class with the homeschool group. They made "personal collages" with lots of pics of themselves and things that represent them. K went home on the train with my mom in the afternoon and is coming back this morning. She got to spend time with the neighbors (who are her age) and hang out without her siblings for a few days. After dance on Saturday, J got to spend the next two days out in Long Island with one of her friends. I get nervous when she sleeps over anywhere, but I guess I gotta let go sometimes, lol. W got to have us all to himself. The 3 of us went out to dinner last night and of course without his sisters there, he was an angel. Today, Mom, my sis, and I are going to a baby shower at noon. Then we're going to see Dreamgirls. Tomorrow I have to work all day. I'm soon going to put in for a position that more than doubles my paycheck and the hours are 6-10pm weekdays and 9-1 (or 2-6) Saturdays. I'm ready for it.

And the hamsters are still doing well. They're getting brave, venturing out of the nest area. The mama picks them up and puts them right back, though. There's one baby that has what looks like string around his wrist and the hand is all swollen looking. I took him out and tried to get it off, but it's so deeply embedded in his skin. He walks on it and it's not affecting his nursing or growing, but I'm calling the vet anyway. They're 11 days old today!

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