Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What a gorgeous winter we've had so far. It's been around 60 and even 70 for the past few months. Weird, though. But it seems this week will bring us down to 40ish. I love the mild weather, but I really do want some snow already.

Friday we got together with a bunch of families from te hs group and played games and hung out. Saturday I worked and Sunday we went out to mom's after the kids' CCD class. Mom and I visited my grandfather in the hospital. He's almost 92 and has pneumonia. He's been terribly lonesome since my grandmother died in October, and I just hope he knows we love him and are always there for him. It's so sad.

The kids have been having fun -- lots of playing and resting. J and W are happy learning from workbooks, printouts, and computer games. K hasn't been interested in much. I mean, she's been reading, journalling, creating stuff on the computer, playing Age of Empires and Mall Tycoon, and helping her siblings with academic stuff, but I've been feeling a bit aimless with her. So yesterday she wanted to stay home while I brought J to dance. I said ok, picked out what I thought was an interesting book (life on an 18th century plantation) and asked her if she'd please read it while I was gone. I hate leaving her home alone even though she's old enough. At least if she has something to keep her busy, I'll feel better about it. When I got home later, not only had she read more than 1/2 the book, but took about 9 pages of notes too! Wow. She said she enjoyed it and was just used to having "assignments" and being graded on them. Well I guess 9 years of school will condition a person into believing their self-worth and reason for being is based on a teacher's grade. I found that a little sad in a way. It reminded me of the Harry Chapin song called "Flowers are Red" that makes me cry every time I read the lyrics. But I can provide her with "assignments" if that what she needs right now. Maybe one day she'll feel comfortable and confident enough to trust her own choices without needing constant validation from someone else.

The hamsters are doing well. They are always in a big huddle with the mama on top of them so it's hard to get a good count, but I think I counted 11 of them. They're getting fur already and most of them will be black like the mom, but a few are still light pinkish. They're so CUTE! We love watching them yawn and flail their arms and legs around. B (and W) gives her kale and egg and makes sure she has all clean and fresh food and water daily. The only bad thing is that we can't clean the cage until the babies start coming out -- something about not disturbing the nest or she may panic and eat the babies. Ick. I don't think she's eaten any, but who knows. K already said she gets first pick when they're big enough.

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