Sunday, March 04, 2007

Friday was a great class with the homeschool group. It was "The Art, Science, and History of Henna". The kids each got a henna "kit" which included cotton, carbon transfer paper, a small pencil, a small bag of a coconut oil/cocoa butter mixture, and real henna that was cooked up and put in what looked like a pastry bag (little kids got black eyeliner to use instead, lol). We had a binder full of pictures to copy. K picked a large butterfly for her lower back, J picked a small butterfly for her hipbone, and W picked a big dragon for his arm. First they used to carbon paper to copy and transfer the design to where they wanted it, then they squeezed out a thin line of henna to outline the design. We used a blowdryer to dry it quicker and it turns into a crust that eventually flakes off and leaves the nice henna stain. It's supposed to last for up to a couple of weeks. More henna day pix:

After the class, all the kids went outside to the playground and just ran around playing for the next 2 hours. It was a gorgeous sunny day - I think it got up to 60 degrees! They played manhunt and dug in the sand. It was really nice.

J had another competition yesterday. This one was in NJ again and just one day. We got there at around 11am and stayed til about 6. Only 2 of J's numbers went out as this was an "optional" for us. Both got GOLD (out of silver, high-silver, gold, and high-gold) and the group tap won best overall junior group. Our studio pretty much swept every category. And since J's team (8 kids ages 8-12) did so well, they will be getting a new competition group number they will start on this week. It's a musical theater number and the kids are really excited. They will also be learning a lyrical piece this month. The next competition in in 2 weeks!

The kids went to the eye doctor and dentist this week also. W is getting glasses (and omg he looks adorable in them). He is excited about it, since a skateboarder friend he looks up to wears them. J is doing great with her contacts so we got her 6 months worth of dailies, and K got 3 months worth of dailies as she got new "Juicy" glasses and wants to wear those more this year. At the dentist all was great. Everyone asked if the kids were off from school and I heard K proudly say they were homeschooled. We got the usual "Ohhhhhhhh, okaaaaaaaaay". But when W went in, he was so curious and full of questions, that they just loved him. They were very accomodating and let him see all the equipment and answered all his questions. He had no shyness and no problem talking with the adults in a very mature way (I have to say, I was impressed and very proud how we were "representing" homeschooling). And of course they all left with bags of cool stuff (new toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, stickers, and W got a toy). I'm glad the dentist isn't scary for them anymore.

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