Thursday, March 08, 2007

W is 6 today. It feels weird when your last baby is 6. When K turned 6, J was 3. When J turned 6, W was 2. Now W is 6 and that's it. He's such a big boy, too, that he almost seems older. He's lost 4 bottom teeth, and 2 huge ones came back. He's 46"---taller than other 6 y/os and some 7 y/os. He's almost into a size 2 shoe and a size 8 shirt. It's fun having a boy after having 2 girls. It's such a different experience. W is big and tough yet sweet and gentle. He loves animals, cartoons, video games, weapons, action figures, eating, and being curious about the world. He's handsome like his dad and already knows how to use it, lol. I feel 6 is the age where babyhood is left behind. I think I'm ready. Happy Birthday, my awesome boy!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday W! :)
From H, your friend at HS group!