Sunday, March 25, 2007

We got the letter yesterday that K was accepted into her first choice high school! She is so thrilled! This is a great school - she loved it the minute we stepped inside at the Open House. It's very small public school (80 kids per grade), in a really nice part of town, and is extremely progressive and technologically advanced. The school is themed (which means it focuses on one main subject), and it's K's favorite subject. I'm so happy for her. She came into homeschooling knowing it would only be for one year. She grew to love homeschooling, and would have agreed to continue if she did not get accepted at this school. But she enjoys the structure and chaos of school and admittedly has always excelled there (well, except for 7th grade when she couldn't break free from the evil cliques). This year at home has helped her to decompress and shed the shallowness, inhibitions, and people-pleasing she learned in middle school. She was able to rediscover who she is and more importantly, who she wants to be. These homeschooling months have brought us much closer as a family. That's a benefit that will hopefully last all through high school.

We got together with the homeschool group on Friday to fly kites in the big field. All 3 of my kids had their best hs friends there. Games were brought and played and there was lots of running around in the rain. It's always fun at these get-togethers. The parents have a great time too, just sitting and talking for hours.

J has been on a math kick again. I called over to the kids, "who wants to take a Saxon math placement test?", and she yelled "Me Me!!" and ran over to my lap. We spent about an hour on various math problems until she started getting sleepy at 10pm. Then first thing in the morning she asked to do more math, so we used the Singapore placemement test so she could see what she knows. She just sits there contemplating each math problem with a blank pad of paper and a good pencil. She discovered she really enjoys long division and wanted a whole page of those to do. I swear, I find this fascinating. J has a real love for math that developed from having no pressure. Math never had to be scary for her. In school it was easy, but tedious and very boring. Now it's enjoyable and purposeful.

B took the kids into work with him Saturday. I knew he wouldn't get much done with them there, but they love being in Manhattan. It was easy to drive in (10 minutes) and park on a weekend. The kids were excited to see daddy's new building and new office. They picked me up from work at 6, we drove to kids to my mom (she drove in to meet us near Queens), rushed home to get dressed, and went to my 20-year high school reunion. What a great party!! I knew more than half the people from my year (which aint bad considering we had about 500 in our graduating class). People were coming up to me and hugging me and there was so much talking and catching up going on. The food was great, there was a DJ, and an open bar. After it was over at 11, most of us headed over to a nearby bar to catch up even more. B and I really had fun and now B can't wait to go to his 25th reunion next year!

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